Hello Gorgeous!

Today you stop compromiseing. Today is the day you take responsibility for your life. I can see your future better than a fortune-teller, want to know if you can succeed?

When I hear an expression like “Make me succeed” I know something else -that person doesn’t have a chance to succeed! Not even if I sleep next to her in bed, wake her up in the morning and tell her step by step exactly what to do every day, all day long. Why? Because she’s waiting for someone or something on the outside to push her and do it for her.
And that will never happen.

Success is not something that comes to you, or you deserve.Success is something you attract, with force, with courage and aggressiveness. Every day, all day long.
It means you have to work, sweat, crawl on glass and grit your teeth to succeed. And not me, nor anyone else who you bought courses eBooks or programs from will do it for you. That’s your job. The price that you have to pay to wake up to the world that you are happy get up to. In other words, no one else will lift that weight .Until you get into your head you are the one to make things happen, nothing will happen. You need to be ready to do the heavy Lifting yourself.  What happens when you force yourself to live like this? Good things.

And you, my readers who buy the courses, training programs, eBooks and everything related with helping people to get the life they want… You need to know one thing. When I hear words and phrases like: “Make me succeed” or “Promise me that I will succeed” I stay away from them. I don’t let the money blind me and let them purchase courses.It is not worth the bad name they will give me, and the time I will burn for the failed attempt to make them understand that it’s all up to them. In conclusion, if you are not willing to work – there is no chance for you to succeed.

Move your ass!

You don’t need empty advice from people with zero experience that don’t provide you practical solutions.
You have to live life and that starts by doing. Moving. Get motivated. 
We all have different experiences, and that colors our facility at understanding certain communication styles. That’s why there will always be more than one relationship book on the shelves. Even if they all said the same things – and they do, more than you might expect – they present those insights so differently that you can read one and find it irrelevant while another speaks directly to your deepest self. Different relationship books also address different parts of your relationship.

I’m not a philanthropist. I will not waist time talking about a “mission”. Be wary of anyone who claims that his motive is “mission”. I love helping, and I’ve been able to help a lot of women.

Some have made a career change, some got married because they left their fears behind… They feel they owe me a lot and it sometimes makes people glorify me and think I’m a guru driven by a mission to help the community.
I’m not. I love to do what I love and make a living from it! And I want everything I do to make money for me- I’ll have fun too. Because making money without fun … I’ve been there, and it’s… no fun. This site gives me a combination of these two things. That doesn’t mean I have no mission at all … I have a mission. A selfish mission: I want more women to be happy, because I think it’s good for the world. I think it’s good for me. But I will not give up a beautiful life and beautiful things to achieve that goal. I love living well. I’m no Mother Theresa.

To anyone who asks, “Why don’t you give this knowledge for free?” Here’s the most selfish answer: I do not feel like it! You want free stuff? Ask for a donation! Do you want someone to talk to you nice? read politicians twits that say what you want to hear. Do you want someone to tell you the truth to your face? That will make you nervous because it touches painful points? That stuped thing you are doing that fails you? Because you understand that it doesn’t matter, as long as i have something to teach you. More importantly: I’m smart enough to understand that it is in my interest you succeed… Are you looking for a catch? believe me, if I wanted to say what you want to hear to sell, I could. I am an excellent marketer.

So I do what works. And I will do it without being ashamed and  without fear. As long as it brings you sucsess, it doesn’t frighten me that people don’t read what I write. It doesn’t scare me that people think it’s too much. That it’s desperate, it’s wattever…
On the contrary, I know exactly who my audience is. I’m not looking for those who have decided to give up a nice life. Or those that think there’s nothing to learn from me because I’m a big mouth ladyboss or because I swear or because I’m pushing courses in every post because I have misspellings that by the way, are because of fact that I am an Israeli. English is not my native language it’s not even my second language, it’s the third! So forgive me in advance if I’m not finding the right phrases sometimes or have misspellings. But nevertheless I overcame my fears and I write a blog and in English!
I want them out, they waste a place on the mailing list, they cost me money. I’m writing posts for the smart women, those who understand that there is an amazing opportunity here.courses

I will not risk my good name for anything, so you can be sure that every referral to any course here is checked and proven as a fact.These specific courses on this site are the real solution to your real problems and they will help you, period. To ensure that this happens not only do you get a full lifetime warranty for them… But even if you have a question, you can always send me an email and I am at your disposal. It’s realy me (: Not an automated emailing system (you can find me here on facebook too). That’s the level at which I believe these courses really work. This is the level at which I stand behind each and every one of the courses.

You are responsible for your happiness. One of the courses here is going to change your life.